Sunday, July 14, 2013

when the jury just won't see it your way, change the rules

Double jeopardy, what's that? Apparently the trial didn't go the way the left and the racists wanted it to go, so, try him again in a federal court. Comparing this case to the King case is a knock against King. Officers cuffing and then beating a suspect after he is restrained  is wrong. The officers somehow were found innocent, which was also wrong, and later convicted by federal court as should have been the case. This is one black youth against a Hispanic\white individual. If someone had me pinned and beating my head against the concrete, I would shoot him. I won't wound him so he can continue pummeling me or take my gun, I would shoot to kill. The racists are the ones threatening to riot and loot to get their way. The racists are the ones who won't accept a verdict by the jury and leave it at that. Why doesn't Holder just cut to the chase and have the DOJ lynch Zimmerman and be done with it. The reverends of violence (Jesse and Sharpton) are stirring the pot. Reverends, what a joke. Must be a different form of religion than I was raised with. The revs should go to Chicago and try and stem some of the violence there instead of causing riots down in Florida. Oh, wait, that is black on black and black on white crime. Somehow that seems OK with the reverends.

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