Saturday, March 16, 2013

Getting back to normal-ish

Hit the Indy show today. There was no line. It was crowded, but no half hour wait to get in. They actually had AR's at normal-ish prices. The guy by the front door still has his marked for twice their worth, but, I believe they are the same ones he had at the last show. The ammo is still way overpriced, but not as bad as last time. Still too high for me to buy any. Maybe by next show I will be able to purchase something without feeling I have been raped. I like the PMC bronze .223 as it is reasonably priced and is quite accurate. Pre assault weapon ban price ranged from $6 to$7 a box of 20. Now, the few places that have it online (cheaper than dirt) want $21 a box. The show had some for $17 a box. Sorry, for that price I will shoot my garand. Heck, the 30-06 doesn't cost that much. Not too optimistic on the machine gun shoot prices. It will still be fun to look. I did buy a new knife while I was there.
Tomorrow is the club spot shoot again. Suppose to be chilly out again, but they have wood fires placed all around the area. Two weeks until vacation. Haven't decided what I want to do yet. I think I may head up to Indy to check out the zoo and maybe a museum.

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