Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tomorrow, corned beef and cabbage

Had to work, and didn't remember to throw the crock pot on, so, tomorrow will be the St. Pats dinner. Have to see if I get ambitious enough to venture up to Indy for the 1500 gun show. If I don't go there, I will probably hit the club and help out at the spot shoots. Hope it is as nice out as it was today. Came home after work and cut the grass for the first time this year. Have to pick up some grass seed and weed killer on the way back from the club. Work has been unreal lately. Can't seem to catch up. Got the lawn cut, but then it was time for a nap. Don't mind working over, but I hate going in early. They have had me starting at five AM and I am NOT a morning person. A couple more weeks and it is vacation time. I can't wait. Need a break from the insanity. Going to try and hit the NRA event in St Louis and the machine gun shoot on vacation. They have a military gun show going on the first weekend of vacation. Hope to get some work done on the Mustang as well. Be nice to get her on the road.

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