Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Three days and counting

Dropped my truck off on Monday morning and they are still working on it. Good news is they found the problem with the speed control and fixed it. Apparently the switch on the brake pedal was bad and was kicking it out and not letting it reset. They changed it out. They also serviced the trans. I will never ever ever purchase a vehicle with a CVT trans in it again. Ford discontinued it thank God. To have it serviced,which is to change fluid and a high pressure filter, runs a little over $350 and is recommended every 60000 miles. They are looking at the speed control. They are having trouble servicing it as the dealer I purchased truck from brand new threw an aftermarket POS system on it instead of a genuine Ford unit which I had ordered. I am happy with the dealer down here as they are at least attempting to fix it. They originally told me that aftermarket items installed by dealer were not covered by warranty. The dealer that sold me the truck new assured me that it was covered. I am very pleased with the dealer down here. They are not sure about transmission problem I was having and are suppose to take it out for a test run again tomorrow now that service has been done and see if they can feel problem. Internet says this is a common problem with the CVT transmission, but the Ford web site does not show anything and people on web say that there is suppose to be a class action lawsuit coming on it as Ford does not recognize a problem.If the trans is ok, I will keep it for a couple more years and then trade in on F150. If trans keeps having issues, it will turn into a Silverado. Been driving Fords for many years now, but if they fail to fix and or recognize flaws and make right, I will go another way.Hopefully get the truck back tomorrow.Have a stripped down Ford Fusion as a rental. I miss my truck. Want to go to range and the truck would be much easier to load. Weather is suppose to be in the fifties the rest of the week with no rain until Sunday.

No matter what, I will be hitting the range tomorrow. Need to drop by bank and take care of some things as well. My old bank was shut down by the feds and I don't like the bank they picked to take over the assets of my old bank, sooo we are in the process of changing banks. Which also means changing direct deposit, setting up online bill pay again, contacting anyone getting autopay out of old account and switching to new. What a pain.. I am also going to check out refinancing the house through them. Sounds like I can cut the loan down in both length and monthly payments. The interest rates are way down from when I got the loan. Ran the calculator on it , and it looks like I will be saving a couple hundred a month.Be able to manage mortgage through my online bank account as well. Plus they give a minor percentage off their banking customers.

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