Sunday, October 10, 2010

Almost ready to fire up

Managed to get the driveshaft installed after replacing u-joints. I found the card from the vendor that was at Frog Follies with the mustang stuff. He has some genuine new old stock ford parts. Some items I have not been able to find anywhere. I bought a new torque box and toe board for the drivers side. I welded the new battery tray insert in place. I will not do anymore welding of sheet metal until I get tank. I used the flux wire and it is some horrible stuff. I figured I would try it on a panel that was not structural. I will re weld battery tray when I get tank. Finished wiring the coil and distributor, installed battery, installed radiator, and shifter. Tomorrow, I will top off oil, fill trans and radiator, and hopefully start motor. Can not drive it without seats in, but I can verify it runs and let it idle for a while. I am going back next week to get the carpet kit and sound deadener. He actually has brand new still in box ford 3 speed chrome shifter handles. I can not find them even in reproduction anywhere else. The torque box is really beefy. Found out my car did not come with passenger torque box from factory but I am going to install one since I am this far in anyway. It is suppose to firm up the ride quite a bit.I measured and the new torque box looks like it will fit perfectly and it has welded in reinforcements as well as stamped in reinforcements. Much nicer than the ones I have seen offered anywhere else and I can pick them up a few minutes from my house. I was hoping on welding them in without pulling fender, but this is impossible. Guess I will start pulling fenders during the week. Toe board look perfect except for lacking hole for parking brake cable. I will have to measure old one for hole location before cutting it out.

Did not get to the machine gun shoot this time around. Figured I would stay focused on the car this weekend. Practiced with some scrap pieces with the welder. I think I will like it when I get the CO2/argon tank for it.  Welds nice, but the flux core spatters and does not lay a nice bead.  The machine itself feeds really smooth. I am use to stick welding so the concept of a trigger fed wire is really cool.

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