Sunday, June 6, 2010

Off to the gun show

Went to the Indy gun show today. Met up with my brother and Og. Saw a lot of nice guns I wanted, but with work on car, I need to hold off on buying my M1A. My brother bought a nice Enfield, and a Schmidt-Ruben 1911 that were in primo shape. Then he went over and bought a bayonet for his Krag. The show was alot smaller than it usually is, but it was still a good time. I did manage to buy a dial indicator for work at a steal of a deal, but still managed to resist strong urge to buy new gun.

After show, we went to Brigids for a fantastic lunch and a great time. Finally got to meet some of the bloggers and the infamous Barkley. I can now put some faces to the blogs I read. Great bunch of people. Brigids food is fantastic. It looks great in the pictures, but the pictures don't do the dishes justice. After dinner stories were entertaining as well. Had a great time.

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