Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dropped the trans

I dropped the trans (quite literally) today. I had jack under it, and removed crossover. Went to lower jack, got her half down, and she rolled and dropped the last six inches. It didn't get any appendages, so all is good. I will be putting it back in attached to the motor so reinstall shouldn't be a problem. Ordered the new clutch kit today. I ordered new clutch fork and shifter boots too.Clutch was totally shot. Hardly any material left. Still trying to get motor in to shop. My buddy that was going to take motor to shop for me fell off his pole barn roof while clearing debris. Fortunately he didn't break anything, just bruised and sprained shoulder pretty badly. I will go see him tomorrow. Told him to call if he needs anything. He is the kid that just bought the new house.

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