Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Dash Pad

I set the new dash pad in place to see how she looks. It fits nicely, and is made out of a more modern material. I have a power regulator coming in for the gage cluster, so I took the pad back off until I can put the cluster back together. Hopefully have dash back together by weekend. I have the car up on ramps and the bolts at cross member soaking in PB Blaster. Have to see if I can borrow engine hoist this weekend. I am suppose to be off Monday, so if I get motor out, I can drop it off at shop Monday.

Need to measure throwout bearing shaft diameter to see if cable conversion kit they sell will work on my car. I am hoping to get rid of all the old Ford brackets for clutch linkage. The kits get good reviews online. They are easy to adjust, and unlike the ford ones, are not suppose to need the frequent readjustments. They also look a lot neater. Parking brake is toast. Rusted pivot points, cut bracket. I am going to replace all cables and hardware. I do not like parking a stick shift car without being able to set a parking brake.

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