Saturday, May 22, 2010

Frustrating Saturday

Started work on mustang this morning. Turn on air compressor and it trips breaker. Reset breaker and lights come on but outlets are dead. Trace problem to popped GFC outlet. Only problem is gun safe is bolted to floor in front of outlet. Was not aware at the time I installed safe that they not only wired garage to one lousy 15 amp breaker (lights, garage door opener, and wall outlets), but the idiots also wired all outlets through the one GFC outlet. Spent better part of an hour rigging a poking device to reset breaker and fishing around blindly behind safe to reset breaker. After resetting breaker, I made a trip to Lowes. Bought a couple 20 amp breakers, some outlets, boxes and wire. I will run outlets tomorrow so I will not have problem in future. May run a 220 line as well just to have should need arise. I do want a welder in near future.

I did manage to install new rear bumper and put voltage regulator on gage cluster. I will put most of dash back togeather tomorrow. I have a speaker coming so I will leave necessary panels off. I also painted the front valance below bumper to match car. It was chipped up pretty bad. I was trying to repair battery tray area when air compressor messed up morning. Hope to get back to that Monday.Supppose to be nice tommorow.  Think I will take a break from car and head to the range, I believe they have a big gun show in Owensboro tomorrow as well.


  1. Wow, crap, a steel dashboard. How long since I saw one of those!

    good stuff, dude. get your shadow out of the picture when you shoot!!!

  2. Sorry, I am not as good as Brigid with the photography :) It actually looks better with plain steel than it did with that hideously deformed pad. I hope to get dash back togeather this weekend if I get a day off. I got the speaker for the dash yesterday so all is ready for reassembly. My buddy with the engine hoist moved last weekend and is also working 12 hour shifts. As soon as things back off, I hope to get engine into shop. They say it should be under two week turn around.

  3. OK, nice work. Here with your brother who says "You had a three day weekend- quit slacking and post something!" (yes, we know you had two days but we figured we'd bitch anyway)