Sunday, September 24, 2017

Gun show day

Made it out to the gun show at the armory. My buddy was there with some rather interesting stuff as usual. He has a very extensive collection of guns. I have bought a few. He reminded me of the pumpkin shoot they have at their club after Halloween. I need to check it out. They buy a bunch of surplus pumpkins for next to nothing after Halloween and, have a machine gun shoot. Kinda like Gunny has with watermelons. Sounds like a great time. He introduced me to his buddy at the show who sells full auto weapons. He will be there as well. They have several machine guns each, so it should be rather fun and educational.
House is coming along finally. Kitchen is pretty well in order. I bought some cabinet organizers I have yet to install. Dining room is finally cleaned out of empty boxes and miscellaneous items that needed sorting through. I found a tv stand I want so I can get the living room situated the way I want it. I was going to pick it up while I was out, but got to feeling pretty lousy, so I came home and laid down. Been working a lot of hours and I think I am just ran down a bit. Feeling rather tired and blah. Things to do, but no ambition to do them with. They will still be there tomorrow. Hopefully I will be up to doing them. They keep talking cutting overtime at work, but it hasn't happened yet. It is hard to cut hours when you have an over abundance of millennials for help that don't do much other than take up space. I could get more done if they would get them out of the way. Probably work less hours if I didn't have to fix what they mess up after I go home. Two weeks until I get a couple vacation days. Hopefully go to the machine gun shoot out in Kentucky. That is always a good time.

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