Thursday, November 10, 2016

Well, that was quick

My vote in the primary and the election were actually worth putting in this time. I hit it right both times for a change. Seeing Hillary dethroned, I would put satan himself in charge of the US. Already seeing a change. The local TV had a commercial for the coal mine hiring again. Looks like they might be getting ready for some regulation rollbacks already. I know it would go a long way to reviving the area again. As the mines went down, so did all the industries around here that supported the mining equipment. It would be great to see people going back to work again.

Our Bernie Sanders/ Hillary fan is looking pretty down in the dumps. He was a bigtime Bernie fan, and when Hillary screwed him out of the primary, he quickly became a Hillary supporter. Full in supporter as in going in after work to call centers trying to get people to vote for her. I might feel sorry for him had he not been a total tool both times Obama won and rubbed it in everyones faces, but, I still give him room and don't ride him. Too easy a target, and don't really like kicking someone when they are down, even if they do when they are up. I did ask him before the election how he could support a conniving POS like Hillary after she basically screwed Bernie over. His explanation, Bernie said to support her, so, like a good little robot, he obeyed. Sad. I did ask him for a Hillary sign to use as target practice. He already disposed of them.

Watching all the little special flowers go through melt down. They probably would have dealt with it better had they had a normal childhood. When you grow up in a world of playing games and not keeping score. Handing out trophies simply for participating and such, you really end up with a generation that can't handle loss. Safe spaces, in colleges. Words hurt. Grow up......Sad part is at some point, these people will be in charge. Hopefully, I will be dead before then, but I feel bad for my kids generation.

Two more work days, then a whole day off. Yeah. It is a short week next week as I am on vacation from Wednesday onward. Then the following week is thanksgiving, so it is a short week as well. I am ready for some down time. Going to head to the bank next week and get preapproved for buying a house. Then, head back and check out the house I am looking at again. I pass it on the way to work everyday.

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