Sunday, June 12, 2016

Awesome weekend

Headed up north to see my first grandchild. He was born Tuesday, and is awesome. His new mom and dad are doing a great job, sharing in all the responsibilities. It was a fantastic visit. It has been many years since the last baby in the family. About eighteen years, since my last niece was born. It does make me feel a bit old, but it is awesome.

I got to visit with my brother which is always a good time. He has been busy remodeling a bathroom and clearing a fence line in the yard. Way more ambition than I have. We caught up with Og and his wife. Checked out his new garage floor. His heated garage floor. That would be a nice addition come wintertime.  He also got all the trees and brush out of the back yard a nd it looks great. It was a nice visit and a great weekend. Tomorrow will be picking up the dog and relaxing a bit.

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