Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hopefully, It will be better

Gritted my teeth, prayed, and hit the upgrade button. Running Windows 10 now. I sincerely hope it is better than 8. It does start up with the old windows look instead of the simulation of an apple product with the silly tiles. I am amazed however. It kept all my files, bookmarks, favorites, even my desktop looked the same, wallpaper and all. Everything except my Norton antivirus. The version I had was incompatible with windows 10. I went straight to my Norton account and downloaded the right version and all is well. I usually wait to let them get rid of the start up bugs, but, windows 8 was about as buggy as a system can get. Have to see how it is tomorrow. I checked a few things out, but it is getting late, so, be able to really look at it tomorrow. One item I did stumble on, and like, is that even though they replaced Internet explorer, it is still there. When you hit the blue e for explorer, it opens the new app, but, if you pull down the setting tabs, one drop down option is Internet Explorer. I will check their other browser out later. I went with the Internet Explorer option because, for reasons only known to Microsoft, the new browser does not have your homepages loaded, I have four tabs for a homepage so I can check out my usual stops easily, and your favorites folder is empty. The favorites can easily be imported. The homepage you have to manually set back up. However, if you pick the Internet Explorer setting, it will pull up the Internet Explorer as it was before you upgraded windows. This means all your favorites are still there and your homepages are unmolested. Upgrade in all went extremely well.

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