Sunday, December 7, 2014


YES, it is now 54 seats held by the Republicans, or, more importantly, NOT by the demorats. Life is a tad better. Now if we can just flush the white house, all will be on an uphill swing, or at the least, a slower downhill spiral.

Nice relaxing day. Slept in, made breakfast and started laundry. Plan on just resting up a bit today. I believe the coming week will be just eight hour days, so should be a bit relaxing. I need it after the hectic pace we have been holding at work. Want to head over to the range after work tomorrow for some fun. Pick up some ammo for the new plinker on the way. Need to order a magazine (or a clip as the liberals refer to them as) for the other one. Found some on e-bay. Do a bit of snooping on the net and see if I can find a better price.

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