Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Club drawing tomorrow

Tomorrow is the annual gun raffle at the club. They also have  a crossbow on the prize list. Weather is suppose to be warm (for this time of year anyhow) so I will take some guns along for some premeeting fun. This Saturday is the Duck Unlimited dinner at the 4H center. A bunch of us from work will be going so that should be entertaining. There are a lot of really nice firearms on the block. There is a Henry Big Boy in 44mag that would look great in my safe.  There is a dinner and free beer and beverages. Should be a great time.
Checked out some safes yesterday. I am going to put the hardwood down in the living room before putting safe in there. I am busy this weekend, but may pick up material and pick at putting floor down during the week next week. It usually goes pretty quick. Leaning towards a liberty, but I want to check out the local gun store tomorrow. A guy from work told me they were getting rid of their safes at a good savings so they can expand the store. It is the same brand safe I have, just smaller. I currently have a Browning theftguard that is really nice. They are the only ones I have seen that have rifle racks built into the doors.

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