Saturday, May 12, 2012

Despite the rain, it was still a great day

New targets at cowboy town. Double points for headlights. They had a combat shoot going on in the cowboy town area, so, I guess I won't be shooting cowboy town today. But, I did manage to take some pics of the new structures and improvements.

Here is their new gallows addition to the town. I like the ramp that extends out the front. It returns your brass so you don't have to dig it out of the grass.

 Rosa's cantina got a face lift as well. They are getting ready to host the NCOWS 2012 shoot. Place is looking great.

I picked up a cheap little plinker at the estate auction they had before the raffle. It's an old browning challenger. Didn't win a gun this year, but I had a good time anyway. They had a silent auction for miscellaneous items. I won some machinist tools cheap, so that was different.

 Third prize was an M1A. First prize was a 5.56 AR that came with a suppressor and the money to pay for the tax on the suppressor. Second prize was a Kel Tec shotgun. Can't think of a real reason for owning one other than it looks so freakin cool.13 rounds of 12 gage shooting goodness. If there ever was a zombie Apocalypse, this would be the gun to have ;) The show was a good time. Got to see some of my friends at the club and all was good.

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