Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. Good time to catch up with family and friends. Got a call from my son and he is doing well. He has been working for Ford for almost a year now and is working alot of overtime. Talking about getting an apartment early next year. Things are coming together for him which eases the mind quite a bit. My brother called and got to catch up with him a bit. Some friends called during the day to wish me a happy Thanksgiving and got to catch up with them as well. Pretty nice day. I whipped up some holiday chow for me and the pup.  Just a nice relaxing day.

 Tomorrow I lay the hardwood floor out in the office. I have the baseboard up and furniture out. Should be a breeze. Baseboard came out easy so I can reuse it. The builders did a nice job coping the ends and there are no splices so it will look nice when done. I picked up some shoe molding to finish it off nicely. I can finally get my reloading equipment set up properly. Hope to be loading this weekend. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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