Sunday, July 4, 2010

The club

Thought I would post some pictures of the sportsman club down here. It's very close by and has a rifle range, stocked lake, Archery range, spot shoot area, clay thrower, and cowboy town. They did a nice job laying it out, and just purchased several additional acres behind range area that is currently wildlife area. Hopefully they will push range back further. It goes to 100 yard now. The NCOWS started having their shoots here a few years back, and just got done with their event a couple weeks back. It is pretty neat checking out their shoot. They dress up in era appropriate clothing and use only era correct firearms. They also set up a onsite store with clothing,gear and accessories. They set up old time tent areas and camp there for the week.
This is the building they use for the registration and scorekeeping.

This is the mine car. It rolls down the track which is arched. Sometimes people ride in it while shooting down range at steel targets, stationary and moving. Sometimes, it is used as an obstruction to shoot around object that is in it and moving back and forth.

A look down range through back of saloon.

Another one of the scenarios. They have a cantina, church, train, fort,rail car,just to mention a few.

The range goes to 100 yards with a gong on the side. They put a nice shed at the end to keep targets, hearing and eye protection, bowling pins for the shoots,  rifle rests, and miscellaneous shooting gear. They also have mats in there that fit the tables to protect your gear as tables are concrete. One of the nicer ranges I have been to. It has a nice club house the members can rent out for family events and a cookhouse. A nice pavillion with lots of tables for cookouts is also available and a playground for the kiddies. They also have a nice scenic area to picnic in. I moved down here to Evansville,IN a couple years ago and a coworker was kind enough to get me in the club. They have all sorts of events going on year around.

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